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Song Lyrics

A New Robert Alberg Release in 2011
With a New Song titled Purple Amethyst

New Video Released September 12, 2014< BR>

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Song titles from new CD

Updated April 10, 2015

Did you hear about the Robert Alberg Acoustically CD?

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November 1, 2014. For Immediate Release
New Videos in studio recordings of 5 songs by Robert Alberg.

You can now see the 5 new music videos by Robert Alberg by
clicking on the links provided.

Night Wind Video

Rainbow in the Sky Video

Windy Pass Video

Walking Alone on the Sandy Beach Video

Blue Sky Video

Night Wind Video
A Major Guitar chord and the A7 Guitar Chord.

Rainbow in the Sky Video
A Suspended 2 guitar chord and the A Suspended 4 guitar chord.

Windy Pass Video
The D6 guitar chord and the D Minor 6 guitar chord.

Walking Alone on the Sandy Beach Video
The E6 guitar chord and the E Minor 6 guitar chord.

Blue Sky Video
The A6 guitar chord and the A9 guitar chord.

Music Recording Note
The music of Robert Alberg is digitally recorded using the DP-02 Tascam Recorder

Notice: Lighthouse7

So what does the Word Lighthouse7 refer to?

I live in Washington state near the Puget Sound and about
7 Lighthouses are around the Puget sound

Coming soon a link to be provided for a page of photos of the
7 Lighthouses around the Puget sound

Updated April 2013

Updated August 2014

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